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The Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II, Nimrud

An Interactive Publication Prototype

page updated December 6, 2019

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Colorization of the NWPalace (rev. 12/2019)

Model of an Assyrian Queen (updated 2018)

Recent Renderings (updated 2019)

Animated Video Flythrough of the Palace (new 2019)

Explore the Throne Room in Virtual Reality (under re-construction)

The Nimrud Rising Initiative

Background Narrative about the Palace and our Reconstruction

How We Build a Rendered 3D Model

Fragments of Colored Plaster and Brick from the Palace

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Conference Talks and Presentations

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NB: It with utter dismay and deep sorrow that we provide the following link to the ISIS/Da'esh online video showing their destruction of the Northwest Palace, Nimrud (be advised this is an awful heart-wrenching display): Additional images and a summary of possible intentions can be found at National Geographic online: These videos appear genuine, and if they are, then the Northwest Palace no longer exists (except as our digital surrogate).

These pages have been developed for educational and research purposes only; the information contained herein is in no way to be construed as a final publication of the material. Data and images are not to be copied, retransmitted, or altered in any way without written permission from Learning Sites, Inc., the estate of Samuel M. Paley, Ph.D., Richard P. Sobolewski, R.A., Warsaw, Poland, and Alison B. Snyder, R.A., Pratt University.

April 2010 -- It is with sadness that Learning Sites mourns the passing of Samuel M. Paley, pioneering Assyriologist whose vision of moving archaeological analyses and data dissemination into the digital age gave rise to the Nimrud Citadel interactive publication project. The virtual reality re-creation of the Northwest Palace will continue to expand in his memory.

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