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Archaeology-Themed Humor

Funny Stuff from the Collection of Donald H. Sanders, President, Learning Sites

page updated August 25, 2020

 Lighten Up Your Day

A smattering of archaeologically themed cartoons from the collection of Learning Sites president, Donald H. Sanders. Unfortunately, for most of them, no published context or original source was found with the material; so just enjoy each on its own terms (they are presented in no particular order). All images displayed here are copyright by the original artist and his/her syndicator (and are used here in fair use simply to elicit smiles).


band-aid mummy

hieroglyphics hi mom

temple fixer upper

early archaeologists

now we just eat out

Greek pediment reinterpretted

5th c. BCE hairstyling

Egyptian grammar

pharaonic rhymes

how Stonehenge was built

we got the pyramid contract

gallery cleaning

stone tools mixup

old time bests