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Learning Sites Company Introduction

Who We Are -- the principals

page updated November 26, 2019

 Bill Riseman

Bill Riseman--spiritual founder, visionary, and pioneer in the use of CAD and virtual reality in the service of archaeology, education, and material culture preservation; designer, self-taught in the ways of computers, the Internet, VR technology, and future applications of new digital technologies; accidentally killed in 1994 along the coast of Rio De Janeiro, where he was presenting at an international VR conference.

 Donald H. Sanders

Donald H. Sanders, PhD, President (Tartessos Prize winner in virtual archaeology for 2015 & Corporate Vision Executive Award winner for 2016)--trained and educated as an architect, architectural historian, and archaeologist with fifteen years of archaeological fieldwork experience in Greece, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and nine years experience in information management and thesaurus construction. His special interest is the application of nontraditional methods (including advanced computer graphics, virtual reality, and behavioral science techniques) to the study and visualization of the past, pushing the boundaries of conventional archaeological interpretation. Professional publications and conference papers have covered such topics as alternative approaches (including those from semiotics, environment-behavior studies, ethnoarchaeology, and human geography) to the study of architecture in archaeological contexts; and the use of interactive computer graphics for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about ancient material culture for research, education, publication, broadcast, and museum display.  He founded Learning Sites in 1996 and the Institute for the Visualization of History (www.vizin.org) in 2001, to actualize these innovations. He has been an invited keynote speaker at venues around the world; and publications by him or about his companies have appeared in journals, newspapers, books, and magazines in nearly a dozen countries.

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 Eben Gay

Eben Gay, former President, ERG Engineering--has been building virtual worlds since 1982; has built worlds for museum exhibitions, classrooms, and tradeshow displays for SIGGRAPHs across the United States and from the Computer Museum in Boston to TEPIA in Japan; was active in the early development of VRML for viewing virtual worlds across the Internet; and has designed and coded systems for recording and displaying archaeological sites and translating ancient inscriptions and writing.

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 Geoff Kornfeld

Geoff Kornfeld--is a computer graphics artist, involved with computer graphics since 1991, first as a CAD draftsman and teacher, then as a 3D animation and visualization specialist; spent two years at Massachusetts College of Art studying ancient art extensively, receiving honors for his computer animation projects; with expertise with 3DStudio Max, Maya, Adobe Creative Suite including AfterEffects, AutoCAD, and many other related graphics programs.

 Our Expertise

We bring to our products unrivaled experience and expertise in education, fieldwork, scholarly research in archaeology, architectural history, and art history, 3D modeling, graphic design, information management, and leading-edge virtual reality programming.

What can we visualize for you?