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The past happened in 3D and in color, so why not study, teach, and publish it that way !?

We are the award-winning leader in reliable archaeological visualizations for interactive education and research

We are the oldest and most experienced virtual heritage company, celebrating over 20 years of service !

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Navigation tips for our Vari farmhouse (Hellenistic; Attica, Greece) virtual world (NB: Mozilla FireFox will no longer support the Unity Web player plugin; nor will Chrome; please bear with us while we reprogram all our virtual world content in WebGL; for those of you lucky [??] enough to still have Internet Explorer ver. 11 or earlier should still be able to view our VRML content):

Use the arrow keys to move around, or w = forward, a = left, s = backwards, d = right, spacebar = jump

r and l = freeze the world and release the cursor so you can look around or click on stuff

Speed slider at lower right = adjust your movement speed

There are activities happening and clickable objects with links to added info throughout the world.

Have fun ! Enjoy !