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Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II at Nimrud

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Fragments of painted bricks from the Northwest Palace, Nimrud; currently in the British Museum (Layard, Monuments of Nineveh I:pl.84).
Upper - Upper chambers, Nimrud and Koujunjik, Chamber C; plaster. 

Middle - Plan 3; brick, Northwest Palace. 

Lower - Northwest Palace, either plaster or brick (Layard, Monuments of Nineveh I:pl.86).

1. plaster, upper chambers, Nimrud and Koujunjik. 

2. brick, Northwest Palace. 

3. Middle rescesses, upper chambers, Nimrud and Kujunjik, Chamber C, plan 4 plaster. 

4. brick, Northwest Palace. 

5. plaster, chamber C, upper chambers, Nimrud and Kujunjik,  (Layard, Monuments of Nineveh I:pl.87).

Plaster fragment found in debris of the Throne Room of the Northwest Palace. Photo courtesy of  Richard P. Sobolewski, Nimrud Archive, Warsaw.
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