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The Northwest Palace of Ashur-nasir-pal II, Nimrud

The Throne Room Virtual World

page updated January 2, 2017

 Throne Room Virtual World

Over the many years that we have been working on an interactive 3D model of the Northwest Palace (since the mid-1990s), the model and its virtual reality output have undergone many changes. We now present here the latest incarnation of that ongoing process. The current iteration of the palace throne room has been developed using the Unity game engine (viewable below).

The Nimrud Rising intiative has allowed us to export the throne room virtual world for the OculusRift VR headset. We continue to expand that version; check the Nimrud Rising pages for upcoming demos.

The Throne Room virtual world snippet below contains several features that will be refined and expanded over the coming years (such as, animated characters and linked supplemental images, text, and narrations). The hotspots are highlighted in green and activated when you approach them.

To navigate the world, use the arrow keys to move around, or w = forward, a = left, s = backwards, d = right; c = unfreeze the world to navigate or refreeze the world to release the cursor so you can look around or click on stuff. NB: this page is optimized for Firefox; the Unity player will not work in Chrome.