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The VIRTUAL WORLDS IN ARCHAEOLOGY INITIATIVE gratefully acknowledges the support and sponsorship of Learning Sites, Inc., for initiating and hosting the INITIATIVE.

Learning Sites will also provide a Home Page for the INITIATIVE with links to INITIATIVE partners' online worlds or Learning Sites will assist other projects in getting their virtual worlds online and accessible, possibly as part of the growing list of virtual worlds in the Learning Sites digital library.

Learning Sites will also offer its expertise to develop data standards for sharing these worlds, for linking them to text, 2D image, or sound databases, and for designing methodsto use these ancient worlds actively for the advancement and enhancement of archaeology and education.

Additional support for the goals and methods of the INITIATIVE has been provided by:

  • the AIACE (International Association of Computing in Archaeology,  Casalecchio di Reno [BO], Italy).
  • the CSA (Center for the Study of Architecture, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA).
"The use, sharing, and preservation of archaeological data--whether in the form of virtual worlds or more mundane data--are important matters to all archaeologists. The Center for the Study of Architecture and the Archaeological Data Archive Project are devoted particularly to the archival storage of such data, and we are delighted to have this Virtual Worlds in Archaeology Initiative as a colleague in the effort. All who generate and use archaeological data should be equally enthusiastic" (Dr. Harrison Eiteljorg, II, Director, CSA).
  • Peter der Manuelian, Dept. of Art of the Ancient World, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
"I am writing in support of the Virtual Worlds in Archaeology Initiative. As an Egyptologist, I am particularly interested in the scholarly and educational potential of virtual recreations of ancient sites.  This type of archaeological reconstruction work allows us to pose new research questions and, more importantly, to answer them in three-dimensional space, an achievement previously thought impossible.  From the highest, most detailed levels of scholarship, to the most basic introductory classroom levels, the Virtual Worlds in Archaeology Initiative stands to provide a positive influence and a working model for all future work concerning archaeology, computers, and the creation of virtual worlds."


For information on becoming a participant, on submitting virtual worlds to the INITIATIVE, or to ask us about the INITIATIVE, please contact us at:
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