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page updated June 17, 2011
Learning Sites designs and develops educational materials
for grade schools, high schools, and colleges
using the most up-to-date archaeological evidence
and the most accurate 3D models,
coupled with extensive background information in the form of text and 2D images.
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Visit the Ancient Greece: Town & Country virtual world educational prototype,


Vari House
See images from our Til Barsib teaching package.


Play the DigNubia excavation simulation game.

LEARNING SITES works with your Teachers to create instructional materials that are tailored to your specific curriculum objectives and state-mandated guidelines.
For example, your competency goals for ancient or world history, geography, or world cultures can be integrated into the problem-solving tasks hyperlinked to our worlds.  Complete instructional packages will be organized with your input regarding lesson plans, guidebooks, and adjunct materials.  You and your students will be able to approach and explore the ancient site and its objects, move around them, and get a near firsthand experience of the site.  The links and clues scattered throughout the virtual environment will provide you and your students with an interactive and exciting educational experience.

LEARNING SITES works with your Media Center to monitor computer hardware and software installations relating to your use of virtual reality.
For example, we will verify that your school's computer system meets the minimum requirements needed to run our software most effectively and has the required supplemental software.  We can work with your system administrator to assist in the configuration of the equipment.  Our 3D models and virtual worlds can also be used to provide images and links to supplement your institution's Internet presence.

LEARNING SITES works with your Administrators to assist with teacher training.
For example, workshops can be arranged to train members of the school system how to use effectively virtual reality-based tools in the classroom; focus groups can be formed to explore ways to utilize the new technology in specific courses or series of related courses.  Outreach seminars can also be arranged to ensure parent and community support for your application of new technologies.

These are only a few of the possibilities afforded by a LEARNING SITES approach.  None of these tools or procedures has to stand alone; each application can be built to complement another's, providing an integrated solution to data access and outreach.
Tell us how digital technologies might benefit your institution.
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