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Gebel Barkal 

Sudan (Ancient Nubia)

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pages updated December 24, 2007

This is the Index to pages concerning our re-creation of this ancient religious center.  We are slowly re-building Gebel Barkal as an interactive 3D computer model for archaeological research and museum display.  You are welcome to view (and comment on) our work as it progresses.

Gebel Barkal view toward Temple B200 and B300
  • Temple B300 (The Temple of Mut) -- view images from our latest virtual world
  • Temple B300 (The Temple of Mut) -- view an animation showing some experimental effects
  • Temple B700 -- read about and view still images from our virtual world
  • Play our Excavation Simulation Game -- you are the archaeologist and excavate a part of Gebel Barkal

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