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Gebel Barkal Temple B300

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page udated Feb. 28, 1999
This page collocates early versions of our reconstructions of the Temple of Mut (Temple B300) at Gebel Barkal.

Click on the image of Bes to view an .avi file (4MB in size) showing some features of the site and a demonstration of some techniques we are experimenting with for museums, schools, and archaeologists.  We have chosen the unique Temple B300 as our backdrop for this exploration.  Please remember that digital hardhats are required; this was a work in progress, which means parts of the re-creation are unfinished (e.g., the wall decoration is imaginary while accurate visualizations of the actual wall reliefs are in production).

Bes Column from Temple B300 - click for animation (4MB)

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page updated Feb. 28, 1999
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