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page updated June 17, 2011

Learning Sites provides a wide variety of products and services
for your exhibitions, your educational outreach, and your sales department.

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View images from our Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura audiovisual museum presentation 


Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura, Saqqara, Egypt
from our Northwest Palace at Nimrud animated flyover and virtual reality package, currently installed at the Williams College Museum of Art.

LEARNING SITES works with your Education Department to create instructional materials that use advanced computer graphics and that are tailored to your specific outreach objectives, re-creating the original context of objects in your collection.
For example, choose a site or building and artifacts from your collection (on exhibit or in storage). We'll reproduce them as stunning 3D computer models, placing the objects in an authentic, researched setting and will program the environment for virtual reality.  Museum visitors will be able to approach and explore the site and its objects, move around them, and get a near firsthand experience of their context.  We'll also link text and still images (or narration) to objects in the virtual world, providing teachers, students, and the general public with an interactive, exciting, educational museum experience.

LEARNING SITES works with your Publications Department to produce DVDs containing interactive 3D models of your architectural and archaeological materials, to supplement your print publications or as individual products for your shop, online catalogue, or other distribution venue.
For example, a 3D computer model can serve as a visual index to a publication, allowing users to walk through buildings or sites and select with just a mouse click the artifact or architectural element about which they want additional information (such as inventory data, bibliography, or drawings).  A model can also be used to create an online animation or a virtual world to enhance your institution's Internet presence.

LEARNING SITES works with your Curators, Exhibit Designers, and Preparators to develop stunning exhibition displays.
For example, we can install kiosks at which patrons explore virtual environments that complement an exhibit, or set up a rear projection of a virtual world for larger audience participation, or an autostereo 3D screen showing a model or virtual world incorporating exhibit-related materials.

We work with third-party kiosk and hardware vendors to provide you with the best intallations, and we can also design our own display units and enclosures.


LEARNING SITES also works with your Curators, Archaeologists, and Conservators to aid in the collection, analysis, and long-term care of your research materials.
For example, we can help preserve your cultural heritage documentation by digitizing your slides, photographs, or drawings for archival storage and easy retrieval.  We can create 3D digital surrogates of your objects for insurance, collection's management, or research.

These are only a few of the possibilities afforded by a LEARNING SITES approach.  None of these tools or procedures has to stand alone; one department's application can be built to complement another's, providing an integrated solution to data access and outreach.

Tell us your thoughts about how digital technologies might benefit your institution.

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