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Nemrud Dagi, Turkey

The (First) Virtual Worlds

page updated Mar. 1, 1999
These early prototypes were developed by Learning Sites in 1995 to demonstrate the feasibility of linking interactive virtual worlds to text, image, and narration databases.  The results provided virtual visitors with options for a self-guided educational exploration of this unique site.
Model of the East Terrace podium (image size: 22k)

The first version of the Nemrud Dagi virtual world. View from the East Terrace toward the double podium upon which has been reconstructed the colossal enthroned statue of King Antiochus (ca. 8m high); the whole framed by his tumulus.

Colossal Statue of King Antiochus, Reconstructed (image size: 18k)

The second version of the Nemrud Dagi virtual world. View from the East Terrace up to the upper podium where the line of colossal enthroned statues sat.  The mouse buttons on the screen indicated that text, 2D images, or segments of explanatory narration were accessible from this location.

    Platform  and  Credits
System requirements for viewing the (first) virtual world of Nemrud Dagi:

Microsoft Windows NTTM, 64Mb RAM (128Mb recommended), minimum of 150Mb hard disk space, OpenGL graphics accelerator, and Sense8 Corporation's WorldToolKitTM software.  A head-mounted display adds immersion to the experience.

We wish to thank Intergraph Corp. and Sense8 Corp. for their assistance and participation during the development of the demonstration version of this virtual world.  Archaeological reconstruction by Donald H. Sanders; model by Gerard Fanning, Edward Hill, and Eben Gay; virtual reality programming by Eben Gay and Oren Levine.